Early Release Information

This page will be updated as soon as possible when the decision to release schools early is made.


Date:  3-1-2017

Parent Pick-up will begin at: 12:00 PM

Bus Departures/Route Completions

Sepcial Needs buses and combined routes are listed on the district page.

Bus # Students began loading Bus Left School Route Completed Comments
06-60  11:50AM                    12:05PM           12:55PM
02-29 11:50AM 12:05PM 12:40PM

95 F

11:50AM 12:05PM 12:56PM  
99-17 11:50AM 12:05PM 1:05PM  
98-06 11:50AM 12:05PM 12:50PM  
98-07 11:50AM 12:05PM 1:01PM
97-03 11:50AM 12:05PM 12:24PM
ESS Buses  1:50AM 12:05PM 12:57PM