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Box Tops for Education

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Look for the Box Tops for Education Logo on products you buy at the grocery store. Chatsworth Elementary will profitt .10 cents for each Box Top Label you turn in to our school!

Earn cash for Chatsworth Elementary every time you buy groceries! Clip Box Tops coupons and labels from hundreds of your favorite products found at your local grocery store. Each label is worth 10¢ when our school redeems them. Money earned from Box Tops labels goes towards items we must purchase to make our school better.

Send in box tops labels to school. We have a special collection box for the labels.

Help your kids make their very own collection container to save Box Tops for our school. MAKE A BOX or COLLECTION SHEET.

Have friends and family clip and save their Box Tops for our school. This program is very important to our school and only benefits our Chatsworth Elementary students. Give them a list of participating Box Tops products along with a clear plastic bag to make collecting easy. Arrange to pick up the Box Tops they save or ask them to mail the Box Tops to you or drop them off at out school.
Want more information? Visit the official Box Tops for Education Web Site